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  • Olympia
  • 6,724,540
  • 11/11/1889
  • WA
  • Seattle
  • Christine Gregoire
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Washington Map
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Map of Washington

Washington hosts a wide variety of opportunities for travelers, from recreation to relaxation to accommodation to adventure. Seattle and Puget Sound are rife with fishing and boating prospects, a trend that continues down the coast to the Olympic Peninsula and on towards Oregon. Mountains rise immediately to the east of the coast, with landmarks such as Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier accommodating hiking, biking and camping. Vancouver and Yakima are both prominent towns in this area. The Cascade Loop is a well-traveled area that traverses the Cascade Range, taking visitors through small mountain towns such as Leavenworth. Further east, the Columbia River Basin presents many chances to experience Washington, such as the Grand Coulee Dam, which is the largest concrete dam in North America and the third largest producer of electricity worldwide. Spokane is the largest city in eastern Washington and the heart of the Inland Empire.