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  • 110,785 kmē
  • Richmond
  • 8,001,024
  • Virginia Beach
  • 25/06/1788
  • VA
  • Bob McDonnell
  • 95/39 Independent
  • US Dollers
  • English
Virginia Map
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Map of Virginia

Virginia is composed of a vast landscape. The Virginia Mountains region to the west, is home to the famous Appalachian Mountains. Skyline Drive winds along approximately 105 miles of natural paradise. It stretches from the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains along Shenandoah National Park - 200,000 acres of nature's playground. Central Virginia is brimming with southern hospitality. Mitchie Tavern is a popular destination in Charlottesville, as is visiting the 2,700-acre National Battlefield in Petersburg, where the Confederate soldiers lost their battle for Richmond. The Museum of the Confederacy and the Valentine Museum pay homage to the tragedy of the Civil War. Recreational enthusiasts will find a great selection of activities in the Chesapeake Bay area which dominates the eastern coastline. Arlington is across the Potomac Rive from the Nation's Capital, Washington, DC, and home to the National Cemetery, the final resting place for such famous people as John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Joe Louis.