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South Dakota

  • 199,905 kmē
  • Pierre
  • 814,180
  • 02/11/1889
  • SD
  • Sioux Falls
  • Dennis Daugaard
  • 66
  • US Dollers
  • Under God the people rule
South Dakota Map
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Map of South Dakota

Striking a perfect balance of scenic brilliance and a rich cultural heritage, South Dakota will call you back time and time again. The Black Hills, in the southwestern part of the state, is one of the treasures of the world. Its unique rock formations and mysterious caverns, demonstrated by such wonders as the wind caves and Crystal Cave Park are unprecedented. South Dakota's Custer State Park is filled with thousands of roaming bison and wild animals; the Badlands are another geological marvel, with ridge and cliffs covered in a blanket of white sediment. Former U.S. presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln greet visitors from the side Mount Rushmore in Keystone. The Southeast part of South Dakota is home to many lakes and three major rivers. It is a haven for fisherman, hunters, golfers and skiers alike. Mitchell is home to the world's only Corn Palace, and De Smet preserves the heritage of Laura Ingalls Wilder of the Little House stories. Sioux Falls is South Dakota's most populated city and boasts many state parks and recreational areas.