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Rhode Island

  • 3,140 kmē
  • Providence
  • 1,052,567
  • May 29,1790
  • RI
  • Providence
  • Lincoln Chafee
  • 5
  • US Doller
  • Hope
Rhode Island Map
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Rhode Island Map

The compact state of Rhode Island is most recognizable for its 400 miles of shoreline, which gives it the nickname, the Ocean State. Rhode island offers much for visitors in a comparatively small area. Tennis enthusiasts and players alike should not miss Newport, which is home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Located south of Newport is the state capital, Providence. Featured in Providence are Rhode Island College and Providence's Children's Museum. Providence is also home to the American Diner Museum, an establishment aimed at commemorating Diner-style eateries of the past and present. Black Island, which is found a short, one-hour ferry ride from the shore of Rhode Island, offers many outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking, and is home to the Block Island North Light, an historic lighthouse that once warned boats from the coastline. Considering its size, Rhode Island also features an inordinate number of golf courses, challenging players of all skill levels.