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  • 255,026 kmē
  • Salem
  • 3,831,074
  • OR
  • 14/02/1859
  • Portland
  • John Kitzhaber
  • 36
  • US Dollers
  • Alis volat Propriis
Oregon Map
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Map of Oregon

Oregon is full of unique and exciting places to visit. Portland is the state's most populous city and one of America's best kept secrets. Coastal Oregon features 400 miles of Pacific coastline while the Willamette Valley is home to Eugene and the state's capital city of Salem. Bordering the State of Washington, and adjacent to Portland, Columbia Gorge-Mount Baker offers many of the adventurous activities that the state as a whole boasts, from rafting and hiking to downhill skiing. The largest center in the Central Cascades, Bend, is a perfect base to explore the parks, mountains and rivers of this region. And, as natural wonders go, Crater Lake-Klamath presents a plethora of volcanic attractions, including spectacular Crater Lake. Eastern Oregon also showcases the state's volcanic heritage with the Lava Lands and numerous other geological attractions.