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New York

  • 141,299 kmē
  • Albany
  • 19,378,102
  • New York City
  • NY
  • 26/07/1788
  • Andrew Cuomo
  • 62
  • US Dollers
  • Excelsior
New York Map
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New York Map

Situated in the Northeastern United States, the state of New York is home to diverse landscapes, cultures and cities. New York State can be divided into 11 holiday regions: The Adirondacks, Capital-Saratoga, The Catskills, Central-Leatherstocking, Chautauqua-Allegheny, Finger Lakes, Greater Niagara, Hudson Valley, Long Island, New York City and Thousand Islands-Seaway.

There is only one New York City. No other US metropolis even comes close to it in terms of population, diversity of culture, entertainment, business and commerce. Yet within a day's drive, visitors can find fine beaches and seascapes; quiet, forested mountains; quaint, small towns; and plenty of historical sightseeing.Long Island, a short train ride east of Manhattan, is the largest island adjoining the continental USA. A popular destination for native city dwellers, Long Island has recently been discovered by everyone else. It boasts some beautiful white sand beaches, as ell as the celebrated seaside resort of Hamptons.