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New Mexico

  • 315,194 kmē
  • Santa Fe
  • 2,059,179
  • 06/01/1912
  • NM
  • Albuquerque
  • Susana Martinez
  • US Doller
  • 33
  • Crescit eundo
New Mexico Map
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Map of New Mexico

New Mexico boasts a strong cultural heritage, a sparse yet beautiful environment and a host of amenities that facilitate travel in every corner of this southern state. Both American Indian and Mexican culture is woven prominently into the fabric of New Mexico, a fact that is evident in everything from local art to food to annual festivals. The climate in New Mexico is conducive to a number of activities throughout the year, including golfing in the Las Cruces area, skiing in the Taos mountains and ballooning over Albuquerque. Santa Fe is the capital of the state and boasts several galleries that showcase the colorful and unique artwork indicative of New Mexico. Santa Fe is also known for its striking scenery and there are a number of local tour companies that specialize in acquainting visitors with the New Mexico environment.