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New Hampshire

  • 24,217 kmē
  • Concord
  • 1,316,470
  • 21/06/1788
  • NH
  • Manchester
  • John Lynch
  • 10
  • US Dollers
  • Live free or die
New Hampshire Map
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Map of New Hampshire

New Hampshire offers spectacular views and a wide range of activities and adventures. This state supplies year-round appeal with its wide variety of attractions. Whatever your leisure choice, New Hampshire has it all---hiking, biking, swimming, fishing and skiing to name but a few. Manchester, the state's largest city, boasts a healthy arts community as well as several educational institutions for visitors top explore. South New Hampshire and the Atlantic Coast have majestic beaches, including the well-known Hampton Beach areas. For great mountain biking and skiing visit the White Mountains and Northern New Hampshire. The famous Mount Washington offers impressive views, many ski resorts and the Mount Washington COG Railway, a unique way to ascend the slope. The New Hampshire Lakes region is one of the best locations for boating, fishing and lake tours, including Lake Winnipeasukee.