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  • 200,520 kmē
  • Lincoln
  • 1,826,341
  • NE
  • 01/03/1867
  • Omaha
  • David Heineman
  • 93
  • English
  • Equality before the law
Nebraska Map
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Map of Nebraska

The vast plains of Nebraska extend from the prairies in the east, rising up to meet the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the west. Small towns and farms are scattered about the expansive landscape. Omaha, the state's largest city and only riverfront community, sits on the west bank of the Missouri River. Now a prosperous commercial center, Omaha has a prairie outpost history. At the Durham Western Heritage Museum, a multi-media presentation and many artifacts depict the history of Omaha. Less than 60 miles sourthwest of Omaha is the state's capital, Lincoln. The State Capitol building towers over the rest of Lincoln's city center, standing slightly taller than 400 feet. The Historic Haymarket district, established in 1867, is filled with restaurants, shops and galleries. East Nebraska encompasses attractions such as the Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneers in Grand Island and Crane Meadows in Wood River. In the Nebraska Sand Hills, travelers and locals aloke enjoy NEBRASKAIAND Days each June in North Platte.