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  • 08/11/1889
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Montana Map
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Map of Montana

Montana conjures visions of majestic mountains, the `cow-boy' range, and a less complicated lifestyle. Montana is the fourth-largest State, after Alaska, Texas and California, covering 38 million hectares (94 million acres). Almost a quarter of Montana is national forest or public lands, with almost 2 million hectares (5 million acres) protected as wilderness areas. Elk, deer, antelopes, wolves and bears are just a few of the 500 species of wildlife that can be seen in Montana. The National Bison Range, just north of Missoula, was established in 1908 to protect the animal from extinction. Today, around 450 bison roam this high plains refuge. Between May and October, when all the routes are open, there is a small per-vehicle charge to access the range and view the magnificent creatures.