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  • 180,533 kmē
  • Jefferson City
  • 5,988,927
  • 11/08/1821
  • MO
  • Kansas City
  • Jay Nixon
  • 114
  • US Doller
  • Salus populi suprema lex esto
Missouri Map
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Map of Missouri

Missouri is a river state where people once traveled by water, boasting natural beauty and numerous legends, including the adventure of Lewis & Clark and the tales of Mark Twain. Once a gateway city to the west, St. Louis is today a cosmopolitan city filled with fashionable restaurants and smoky jazz clubs. Visit historic communities, such as Laclede's Landing, offering fine restaurants, art galleries, and craft shops. Kansas City is a city of art and music and a distinctly European flavor. Kansas City is also well known for its steaks and barbecue, as well as its jazz festivals and summer music events. Branson, the capital of live music and entertainment, boasts more than 30 theaters. Minutes away from Branson are the peaceful wooded hills of the Ozarks, where you can enjoy outdoor activities. The great outdoors of Kirksville in North Missouri boasts two large state conservation areas. St. Joseph, in Pony Express country, offers many museums.