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  • 32,133 kmē
  • Annapolis
  • 5,773,552
  • Baltimore
  • MD
  • 28/04/1788
  • Martin O'Malley
  • 23
  • English
  • Fatti maschii, parole femine
Maryland Map
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Map of Maryland

Travel opportunities abound in Maryland. The shores that surround the state bring thousands of visitors seeking water recreation and provide a source of livelihood for thousands of Maryland residents. Clams, crabs and oysters are bountiful for both catching and dining. Annapolis, located in Maryland's south, is the state's capital and also the sailing capital of America. The United States Naval Academy, which trains many of the finest navy officers in the world, is also located in Annapolis. Maryland's maritime past is evidenced throughout the state with maritime museums scattered about the landscape, such as the Baltimore has undergone extensive renovation and is a vibrant and exciting city. In Maryland's south, Civil War buffs will want to visit the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick. Recreation is abundant along the eastern shore, especially in Ocean City, Maryland's most popular ocean resort.