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Kansas Map
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Map of Kansas

The State of Kansas offers its visitors more than just tornadoes and small dogs. Kansas is known as the Wheat State, the Sunflower State, and the Jayhawker State. Famous for its flat landscape, Kansas consists of carpets of billowing wheat fields, herds of grazing cattle, humming oil derricks, and towering grain storage elevators. Around each corner a piece of the Old West can be found in one of the novel landmarks or living history presentations. The raucous times of the Wild West are well depicted in Dodge City, settled by gunslingers, gamblers and cattlemen. Lawless times inspired people such as Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson to take charge and clean up the area. The best of these times are reenacted at the annual Dodge City Days, complete with a rodeo. In East Kansas, visit Atchison, the birthplace of the famous aviatrix Ameila Earhardt. Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, is home to the Old Cowtown Museum, where one can step back into the time period of 1865-1880. The state capital of Kansas is the city of Topeka, the its pride being the Topeka Zoo.