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  • 94,321 kmē
  • Indianapolis
  • 6,483,802
  • 11/12/1816
  • IN
  • Indianapolis
  • 92
  • US Dollers
  • Englsih
  • The Crossroads of America
Indiana Map
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Map of Indiana

Indiana is known as both the Hoosier State and the Cross-roads of America. Indiana is comprised of one major city, the capital of Indianapolis, as well as many smaller cities and towns. After a major redevelopment of the downtown area in the 1980s and 90s, Indianapolis is thriving as an economic center and a tourist destination. Many museums, such as the Indiana State Museum and various sporting events---particularly the acclaimed Indianapolis 500---draw in significant numbers of tourists every year. Throughout the area of North Indiana there are plenty of well-kept secrets for visitors to enjoy. In Fort Wayne history lovers will want to visit the Lincoln Museum, which is dedicated to Abraham Lincoln's life and contribution to society. Also in this part of the state are the Northern Indiana Center for History in South Bend and the University of Notre Dame in Notre Dame-home of the fighting Irish. In Evansville, a historic riverfront town in South Indiana, visitors are sure to enjoy the Willard Library (circa 1885), which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is believed to be haunted.