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  • 6,452 kmē
  • Dover
  • 897,934
  • DE
  • 07/12/1787
  • Wilmington
  • Jack Markell
  • US Doller
  • 3
  • Liberty and independence
Delaware Map
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Map of Delaware

In 1787 Delaware sanctioned the U.S. constitution, making it America's First State. Delaware is noted for offering a peaceful ambience, friendly people and attractive small cities and tons. Dover is the state capital of Delaware. The sights here include a historic square, the Green, as well as the Old State House, the Air Mobility Command Museum and the historic Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village. The Delaware coastline offers visitors plenty of activities. In Lewes, visitors can take the Cape May - Lewes Ferry across to Cape May, New Jersey for great marine scenery. In Rehoboth Beach, relaxation and recreational opportunities abound. Bicycle, kayak and sailboat rentals are abundant along the boardwalk and around the town. Wilmington is the largest city, and home of the Du Pont Corporation. The Winterthur Museum, Gardens and Library is a must see for all visitors.