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  • 137,002 km2
  • Little Rock
  • 2,915,918
  • AR
  • June 15, 1836
  • Little Rock
  • Mike Beebe
  • 134,856 sq km
  • Counties
Arkansas Map
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Map of Arkansas

Arkansas is known as the Natural State-appropriate considering its 51 state parks and an abundance of outdoor activities. The landscape varies from lowlands to highlands and contains two mountain ranges: the Ozarks and the Quachitas. Little Rock, the Arkansas state capital, offers good shopping and englightening sights such as the emotionally stirring Central High Museum and Visitors Center that chronicles a landmark occurrence in the desegregation of the Nation's public schools. West Arkansas holds many prime events, including The Great Passion Play near the charming village of Eureka Springs. The many music festivals in the area are also enticing. For a change of pace, take a dip in one of the natural spring water baths at Hot Springs. East Arkanasas continues to offer natural experiences, with some great fishing spots near Pine Bluff such as the Bayou Metro, the largest state-owned wildlife management area in the country.