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United Kingdom

  • 244,110 sq km
  • 5130'N
  • 07'W
  • London
  • 58,920,000
  • Mostly Overcast
  • English, Scottish
  • Manufacturing, Agriculture
  • Parliamentary
  • Pound Sterling
  • +44
United Kingdom
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United Kingdom Map

The United Kingdom comprises of an archipelago or cluster of islands in northwestern Europe, known as the British Isles. Great Britain is the largest island in the archipelago and England is the largest and most populous division of the island in the south and east. Wales is on the west, Scotland in the north and Northern Ireland is located on the northeastern corner of Ireland, which together make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The country is highly developed economically, pre-eminent in the arts and sciences, sophisticated in technology and highly prosperous and peaceful.