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  • 237,500 sq km
  • 4425'N
  • 2606'E
  • Bucharest
  • 22,270,000
  • Cold, Cloudy
  • Romanian, Hungarian
  • Manufacturing, Agriculture
  • Republic
  • Leu
  • +40
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Romania Map

Located in southeastern Europe, Romania is bound on the north by Ukraine, on the east by Moldova, on the south by Bulgaria, on the southwest by Yugoslavia and on the west by Hungary. Ruled by the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires for much of its history, Romania has long been one of Europe's poorest and least developed nations, in spite of being rich in culture and natural resources. For a country still chasing the dreams of the rest of the west, Romania surprisingly has a lot to offer the tourist. Majestic castles, medieval towns, great hiking, skiing and wildlife are all on offer here.