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  • 110,912 Sq. Km
  • 4241'N
  • 2319'E
  • Sofia
  • 10,400,000
  • Cold, Damp Winters
  • Bulgarian, Turkish and Romany
  • Food Processing, machine
  • Democracy
  • Bulgarian Leva
  • +359
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Bulgaria Map

Located in east central Europe, the landlocked republic of Bulgaria is bordered by Russia to the east, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west and the Baltic republics of Latvia and Lithuania to the northwest. Bulgaria has often been described as a flat piece of land, forming the shortest route between Moscow and the Polish border. But Bulgaria has its share of attractions too. Wide stretches of unbroken birch groves, vast forested marshlands, vibrant cities and wooden villages amid rolling green and black fields give Bulgaria a haunting beauty.