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  • 51,200 sq km
  • 4352'N
  • 1825'E
  • Sarajevo
  • 4,340,000
  • Varies according to altitude
  • Serbo-Croatian
  • Mining, Textiles
  • Emerging Democracy
  • Convertible Mark
  • +387
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Bosnia Map

Sandwiched between Croatia and Serbia, the Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina is located in southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. Formerly a constituent republic of Yugoslavia, the country became independent in 1992, following which a civil war broke out among the Muslims, Croats and Serbs here. The war is officially over now and travellers are beginning to trickle in once again.

A mountainous country, the extensions of the Dinaric Alps - which form Bosnia's western border with Croatia - occupies the western and southern parts of this republic. The highest peak is Mount Maglic, at an altitude of 7,831 ft. The Bosna, the Sava and the Neretva are the main rivers that flow through the country, and the river valleys are particularly fertile. Bosnia is rich in natural resources. The country is also prone to earthquakes.