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  • 83,858 sq km
  • 4812'N
  • 1621'E
  • Vienna
  • 8,022,300
  • Continental,Cloudy
  • German, Bosnian, Croatian
  • Roman Catholicism, Christianity
  • Agriculture, fishing
  • Democratic Federal Republic
  • Euro
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Austria Map

A jewel In the heart of Europe, Austria is known for its natural beauty and cultural wealth. The cradle of western classical music, Austria is a popular tourist destination today. Ruled by the mighty Hasburgs in 14th and 15th centuries, Austria was once a dominant political force in Central Europe. The imperial cities, spectacular vistas, Alpine splendour, skiing, pulsating nightlife, sophisticated shopping, classical culture and culinary adventure - Austria offers the best of Europe in a nutshell.

A predominantly mountainous country with an average altitude of about 3000 ft, Austria forms a part of the eastern division of the Alps. The major mountain ranges of Austria run in an eastern - western direction and are separated by broad valleys. The Danube is the main river that flows through Austria, besides its Austrian tributaries and the southern rivers Mur and Mures.