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  • 468 kmē
  • 42°30'N
  • 1°31'E
  • Andorra la Vella
  • cold, snowy winters
  • 67,800
  • Roman Catholic
  • Tourism, duty-free shopping
  • Parliamentary Co-princedom
  • French Franc & Spanish Peseta
  • +376
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Andorra Map

Andorra is located in southwestern Europe, between Spain and France in the eastern Pyrenees mountains. Also called Valleys of Andorra, this beautiful country is a region of narrow valleys and mountain peaks that reach heights of more than 8860 ft. Andorra is divided into seven territorial entities called Parishes.Tourism is a booming industry here, as many tourists are attracted by the winter skiing facilities, the cool summer climate, health spas and availability of duty-free goods.