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  • 28,748 sq km
  • 4120'N
  • 1948'E
  • Tirana
  • cloudy, wet winters
  • Albanian
  • Sunni Muslim, Albanian
  • Republic
  • Leke
  • Mild
  • +355
Albania Map
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Albania Map

The Republic of Albania is located in southeastern Europe along the northwestern edge of the Balkan Peninsula. Throughout history, Albania was occupied by Italian powers. From 1944 to 1990, Albania was a staunchly communist state, before it became democratic in 1991.

Albania is bound by the Adriatic Sea in the west, Greece in the south, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) in the east and Serbia and Montenegro in the north and northeast.Albania is a mountainous country, where about 70% of the land is located above 1000 ft. The rugged Dinaric Alps in the north, Mount Korab in the central highlands, which is also the country's highest peak and lower ranges and plateaus in the coastal region, comprise the landscape of Albania. The country is also known for its occasional earthquakes. Among the rivers that flow through Albania are the Drin (the longest), Seman, Shkumbin and the Aoos(Vjose). Because of the hilly terrain, the rivers plunge down in deep gorges in most places, providing ample opportunities for hydro-electric power generation. Lake Scutari in the north, Lake Ohrid in the east and Lake Prespa in the southeast are the major lakes in Albania. The country is also rich in natural resources such as natural gas and petroleum, chromium, copper, iron, nickel, lignite and natural asphalt.